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Changes and Cancellations

  • Where can I find my order number?

    Your order number is found in the emails we or our partners have sent to you immediately after your payment is confirmed, as well as on your ticket in PDF format. Look for the ‘Tiqets order number’ in the table that gives an overview of your payment. You’ll need this number if you contact customer service.

  • Is it possible to make amendments to my order – for example, if I ordered tickets for the wrong day?

    It will vary from venue to venue, but we’ll certainly do our very best to accommodate you. Please contact us. You’ll need to have the details of your ticket(s) (name, order number and date) handy. Some of the tickets we sell can be used after the initial date for which you bought the tickets. Our customer service department will be able to let you know if this is the case for your tickets. Unfortunately, this is never possible for tickets ordered for a specific time slot.


  • I’ve ordered and haven’t received my tickets - what can I do?

    Most of our tickets are confirmed instantly when you purchase. To confirm your order, we send both an email and an SMS message. The SMS message is a back-up in case you ever have trouble accessing the email. Some tickets require manual handling; during working hours this can lead to a delay of up to one hour. If you booked while the venue was closed, we may only be able to send your ticket once the venue is open. If you haven’t received your confirmation 48 hours after ordering, please contact us.

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