Best New Year's Eve parties in Amsterdam 2019

31.12, one of the best nights in Amsterdam to party. But where? Prefer a fancy party in your little black dress, or go ahead and rave the night away. Read this article to find out your must-go-to's.

Melkweg: Encore New Years Eve 19/20 & Cheeky NYE Junglistics!

Definitely the BEST location to party in Amsterdam with NYE. Two different parties, in four different areas. Encore presents you three big spaces, with hip-hop and R&B in the main room, the backyard for dancehall and afro vibes and the throwback for 90’s and 00’s. What better way to start 2020 with 3500 other people, toasting with champagne and showing each other your best moves?

  • Line up: T.B.A.
  • 22:00-06:00
  • 18+

The fourth area hosts their popular drum 'n bass night which they weekly present, Cheeky Monday. But, with NYE they spice it up a little. With a great line up with drum ‘n bass heroes you can continue your NYE from 00:15.

  • Line up: Adi-J, Loco, Tradesman, Sinistah, Gibbo, Bass 80, Nixus, Insom + many more!
  • 00:15-06:00
  • 18+

ChinChin Club: NYE

Heading towards 2020 with a bang! With 90’s RnB, HipHop and a lot of hits this night at ChinChin’s will be a night to remember. Don’t wait too long with buying tickets, because this night is popular with locals, tourists and people outside Amsterdam. The line up will be announced soon, but we assure you, this party is lit.

  • Line-up: T.B.A.
  • 21:30-05:00
  • 23+

Escape: New Year Celebration

Celebrate New Year’s with a three-course dinner + entrance to the club. This evening starts at 8PM and makes you feel like you never want to go home anymore. FOUR sound areas, a lot of table service arrangements and a lot of different artists. Dance the night away and enjoy the countdown together.

  • Line-up: DJ Raymundo, The Boy Next Door, Ruben Vitaliss, Mia More, Jennifer Cooke and many more!
  • 21:00-05:00
  • 21+

Marktkantine: The big NYE party!

2019 was unforgettable, 2020 will be phenomenal. Big, bigger, the biggest at the Marktkantine with amazing artists. Fireworks, champagne, ‘oliebollen’, confetti and more champagne. Make sure to bring your card because this event is card only. They start early and stop very late, have fun!

  • Line-up: Carista, Ferro, Gerd Janson, Jasper Wolff, Pablo Discobar Soundsystem, Philou Louzolo, Sanja and many more!
  • 21:00-05:00 (door closes at 04:00)
  • 21+

Panama: We all love 80's 90's 00's

Feel like Prince, imitate the Spice Girls with your besties and STOP! Hammer time like RUN-DMC at this retro music party with a lot of champagne, fireworks and everyone will singalong with you. Party like it’s 1999 at Panama with New Year’s. The night starts at 10 P.M., but you can make this legendary night even more fantastic with a shared dining menu at restaurant HappyHappyJoyJoy next to the party location! Make sure you buy your combi dine and dance ticket.

Double Tree: NYE

Festive in white! Put on your spotless white dress or suit and prepare for a night to remember. Good vibes, great music and the best view ever. Imagine the flickering lights of Amsterdam while listening to a live DJ set will be sure to make you move. Besides this great party, you can also enter their SkyLounge on a first-come first-serve basis but make sure you put on your Sapphire Blue clothes. Enjoy oysters and glasses of champagne and start 2020 fabulous!

  • 20:00-02:00
  • 18+

VLLA: Ratatouille

This mini winter festival makes you want to dance immediately. A mix of funky and groovy, classic and new, intense and lighting music will complete your NYE. This evening is organized with friends, for friends and love, openness and pleasure dominate this night. Dresscode: extravaganza!

  • 18:00 (drinks start)-03:00
  • 18+
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