The best LGBTQ in town!

After asking a couple of experienced gay-club visitors, we put together a list with the best gay-clubs to visit in the rest of 2019 and 2020. Old but goldies, but also some hidden gems.


Channel your inner Mariah

This gay bar with an interior that looks like an old après ski cabin, is always crowded. It’s the only bar in the Regu which is open until the late hours. There are almost no seats so you are obligated to dance. Even if you can’t handle drinks anymore, and you really want to go home after a long night, the Exit is always the spot where you end up singing All I want for Christmas in July.


Show them some moves

This bar changes from a nice and cosy bar in the evening, to a wild club at night. With this English interior with a lot of mirrors (which is of course always a plus!) it’s the best club to show your dance moves. Also, they still host happy hours! They have great music and you will always feel safe in this club. Everyone is welcome, regardless of sexual preference or orientation or nationality.


Size doesn't matter

Also in the Regu, this small but very cosy bar Taboo. Every Wednesday they have their ‘Fabulous cocktail-night’ with dragqueens, shows and games. Tip: cocktails are only €6,-! If you want to mix up with a lot of different guests, you should go here. Gay, straight, young, old, tourists, locals. What we love most about this bar is that they show music video’s on screens, which we love to imitate.


Being normal is boring

Club Nyx is a home for everyone. In Amsterdam’s gay street the Reguliersdwarsstraat a.k.a. ‘the Regu’, it’s the most well known club. This club is known for its LGBT friendly vibe and with its three weekly events there is always a good reason to visit. On Saturdays the Nyx is the best place to visit. With the 3xNYX SaturGay party on three floors with three different styles of music, you will never want to leave this place. Show them your inner Britney!

De Trut

No pictures please!

This non-commercial bar in Amsterdam started in 1985. They never wanted to make money, so drinks are affordable, the atmosphere is perfect and Sundays are the best. Be aware that there are some rules. From 10 PM they welcome you but: no phones, no camera’s and no drugs. They want to be accessible even for gays who didn’t come out yet. If you want to write down someone’s phone number, you can ask for a pen and a paper at the bar. We LOVE oldskool bars like this.


The name says it all

A cosy place where you can definitely be yourself and enjoy with your friends. This place goes from house to electric. This location is also perfect to celebrate your birthday, wedding or any other anniversary. Just celebrate life!


A great mixture of guests

This little sister from club YOLO opened its doors at the end of July 2019 and we have to be honest, we love it. Visit their bingo evenings and drag shows, you will not regret.


Drag the night away..

This bar is famous for its drag shows. The first reason to go here is the interior with the most beautiful and biggest chandelier on the ceiling. Secondly, visiting Amstel 54 means you will have no voice the next day. You will definitely know every song by heart and sing your lungs out.