The Best Techno Clubs in Amsterdam

Amsterdam's techno scene has grown from a few clubs and illegal raves in the 90s to the diverse selection that it has today. Going back to the days of RoXY, Club 11 and more recently the legendary Trouw, Amsterdam has always had a lot to offer, but trust us it has never been as good as it is today. If you're in town looking for a solid techno party, you're in luck, the only problem you'll have is deciding where to go.

De Marktkantine

Great line-up every weekend, even better location

If you're looking for a solid sound system, great line-ups with well-known techno artists from around the world, De Marktkantine is what you are looking for. The venue located in Amsterdam-West, is can be easily reached from the city center, and guarantees an impressive night out. They often host festival after-parties

De School

Berlin meets Amsterdam

De School has a Berlin-style door policy, hard to get in, but once you do the atmosphere has something very special about it. Located in an old technical school in the western part of the city the club invites you to spend the night exploring all it has to offer. The art installations in its different rooms, the garden outside, and, of course, the dance floor downstairs. The basement, where the party takes place, is covered in a mist that makes it almost hard to see anything that's happening but that combined with the killer sound system builds an atmosphere that you soon won't forget.


Techno by the water

Shelter is Amsterdam's new kid on the block. Big-name line-ups every weekend, behind Central Station, just across the river. The club is located in the basement of the Adam Tower, in the north part of the city. World-famous techno artists combined with its premium location also make for some of the more expensive tickets out there but a good night out is guaranteed. Not too big, not too small, there's always a good vibe going and it welcomes all international visitors year-round.


Alternative techno

RADION might not have the big-name events that the Shelter or De Marktkantine have but that's also what makes it different. Focusing on quality, sometimes lesser known, acts, RADION appeals to the more alternative side of city. Multiple rooms, a great space to dance make it the perfect location if you're looking to try something new.