Best Places for a Hip Hop and RnB Night Out

Hip Hop and RnB have been a part of Amsterdam's soul for the past 10-20 years, and its fan base grows steadily. Dutch Hip Hop has recently claimed its own spot as its own sub-genre and that has added a lot to what the city has to offer when it comes to the Hip Hop and RnB scene. These are our recommendations for the best nights out there in the Hip Hop and RnB genres. Our recommendation: check out their table service.

Chin Chin Club

More than the obvious discotheque

While keeping to its iconic Asian-theme, Chin Chin offers one of the most diverse agendas in the city. DJs here tend to focus on hits that you can shake your ass to, while staying true to the core of what makes Hip Hop, and especially Dutch Hip Hop great. Don't let all the Japanese-style decor fool you, when you walk in to Chin Chin, you're walking in to one of the best urban loving nights out there. Our recommendation: always check their agenda before going, and try out their bottle service.


The full experience

This impressive 2 story venue in an old, classical Amsterdam building is one of the key playes in the scene. With its mixed concept of dining on beds, meets a decadent party, Supperclub is maybe the biggest name in the genre in the city at the moment. Their ongoing events, *Feels* and *Bambú* are our recommendation when looking to get your Hip Hop fill of the week. If dining in is not your thing, Supperclub's central location makes it perfect place to drop by after you've had some drinks in the lively neighborhoods around the club.



At Leidseplein shines one of the true Amsterdam classics - De Melkweg, Dutch for "The Milkyway". With hundreds of concerts and events each year, Melkweg's diverse agenda doesn't shy away from the some of the edgiest sounds when it comes to Hip Hop and RnB. Their main event in the genre, Encore, is our recommendation if you're going to hit up this club looking to party these kinds of tunes.


Urban vibes at Rembrantplein

Consistently one of DJ Mags top clubs in the world, AIR holds on longer than most in the Amsterdam clubbing scene. Since 2010 it has brought to the city some of the best Urban, Hip Hop and RnB events to the city. Its central location and kick-ass program make a place not to miss.