Where to Party Every Day of the Week in Amsterdam

For all of Amsterdam's reputation as a place where anything goes, a tolerant and progressive city, you'd be surprised to find out that only since 2014 are most places allowed to stay open till 06:00, officially, that is. In recent years the the amount of things to do and places to go has grown so much that it's hard to keep track. This is our ultimate guide for where to go out every day of the week.


Mondays - Posh

Leidseplein is one of those places that never sleeps, full of bars, party-goers and weed-smokers. This lively atmosphere makes it sometimes hard to find a great place to party the night away when you're already done with the many bars and shots that, no doubt, have been offered to you on every corner. NOVA is in this respect, a breath of fresh air, the perfect destination to kick-off your party week. With their POSH party, they enforce a stricter dress code, and that builds up to the atmosphere of decadence with a flavor of champagne bottles and table service within.


Techno Tuesday

One of the most iconic venues in the city, is also one that never fails you. Open since 1970, Melkweg has a diverse agenda like no other and Techno Tuesday is the embodiment of this commitment. Sporting a mix of local up and coming artists with world-renowned DJs, Techno Tuesday is your best pick for a Tuesday in Amsterdam.


Wednesdays at Escape

Open every day of the week Escape is a safe address for some bottle service, big room house and guests from all over the world. Standing tall at Rembrandtplein, its enormous silver letters have attracted party-goers for years, and Wednesdays are no exception.



Thursdays means Urban vibes at Supperclub. Catering to the RnB and Hip Hop lovers, Supperclub is synonymous with a good old-fashioned decadent night-out. Its exclusive table and bottle service combined with its luxurious white interior design makes it for a unique experience in Amsterdam.

Chin Chin Club

Fridays - Loco & Cirque du ZoLeip

A bit more off the beaten track, Chin Chin is its very own brand of partying. Its Asian-style decor and its many themed evenings turn it into something special. The crowd is this great mix of locals and internationals and the vibe inside makes it all complete. We recommend their Loco and Cirque du ZoLeip events, you won't regret it.


Saturday - WE ALL LOVE 80's 90's 00's

When all you need is some good old fashioned hits, a great sound system and some drinks, this is the perfect way to finish your Saturday. WE ALL LOVE's iconic party is at Panama every Saturday to quench your thirst for some good old sing and dance along hits.


OMG it's Sunday

AIR's classic Sunday affair, is sure to get you moving on the dancefloor to the latest and greatest of Hip Hop and RnB. When most of the city is taking a break, AIR goes on with one of their better evenings that keeps every one coming back for more.