LOCO | Chin Chin Club

LOCO | Chin Chin Club

Fri, 6 Dec 9:30 PM - 5:00 AM
Disco, Hip-Hop, RnB, House


The match you've been waiting for for a while is there ...

When the LOCO flamingo meets the Chin Chin Club! 🎊
When Amsterdam’s finest audience meets the hottest venue in town🔥

Oh dear, that all sounds unnecessarily interesting. Let's cut the crap! 🔪

See here, the famous LOCO recipe that has been around for years and the reason is that you are looking forward to the first Friday of the month 🥇

On Friday, November 1, we are going along with Colorful Rebel for an old-fashioned, mega fun night at Loco!

Hosted by: Warner Claus

✘ Info ✘
Date: Friday, November 1
What: LOCO
Location: Chin Chin Club
Time: 21: 30-05: 00
Age: 23+
Music: Disco, House, Hip-hop, R&B

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