LGBTQ Night Out in Utrecht

(Cover photo by [Jordan McDonald]) Nightlife is all about that good feeling you get when you're with the people who you enjoy the most. It's about letting go and enjoying. It's about that one moment where all your problems fade away. Regardless of whether we're just doing drinks or full on party mode, one thing is essential - the place, and the atmosphere there must make you feel at comfortable and at home. Utrecht has, luckily, something for everyone, you just need to know where to go. Our recommendations are not only the traditional LGBTQ-friendly bars and cafés but also unexpected places where everyone is welcome.

These are NightGuide's essentials on Utrecht's LGBTQ scene

Café Kalff

Café Kalff on a busy evening

One of Utrecht's most well-known LGBTQ-friendly hangouts, Kalff welcomes everyone to come and have a good time. From their own website "Go where you're celebrated, not where you're tolerated." really speaks to the atmosphere of this place. Ideal for drinks and mingling to the sound of Top40 music, the place is open every evening except Mondays. Our recommendation: try the Thursdays, their wildest night.

Body Talk

Body Talk Utrecht!

Also open everyday off the week, and not far from Kallf, is Body Talk. Friday's go late till 04:00 but Thursdays are also solid nights with the party lasting till 03:00. Usually busy and lively, it has a small terrace, friendly staff and a party-worthy atmosphere that remains cosy even at its wildest moments.


Techno clubs are often the most welcoming and inclusive places in The Netherlands

Techno clubs, and the parties that come along with them, are known world-wide for their inclusive atmosphere - this is no different in Utrecht. Basis, is Utrecht's most well-know techno club and it's atmosphere invites everyone to leave their attitude at the door and dance the night away. When one of our  above options just doesn't cut it for the night you want to have, Basis is the place to be.


WAS. when the party is on

WAS. is know for its diverse events and focus on new music. An inclusive place that often hosts LGBTQ-friendly events it is one of these places where you can completely lose yourself in the night, forget about your phone and social media and enjoy the vibe they have created for you.

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