NightGuide's Utrecht Techno Scene Essentials

While Amsterdam undeniably shines the brightest when it comes to bars and clubs, Utrecht is definitely not to miss. The massive amount of tourists that every year fill the clubs in Amsterdam, do not yet do so in Utrecht. Its relative lack of fame makes Utrecht's techno scene somewhat more intimate, which really makes it one of the best in the country.

These are NightGuide's essentials on the Utrecht techno scene:


What: A techno club in the canals Where: Oudegracht aan de Werf 97 -

Google Maps When: Every Friday and Saturday How:
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A staple of the Utrecht going out scene, BASIS is one of the best techno clubs in the country and the crown jewel of Utrecht's city center when it comes to deep bass and that all-important vibe.


What: One of the best places to discover what's new in the techno scene Where: Tractieweg 41 -

Google Maps When: Most Saturdays, check their website for the latest events How:
Check out their website
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Though not so regularly open like BASIS, WAS. is definitely not to miss. With its gritty, techno vibe, it hosts some of the more alternative events in Utrecht. Its agenda is definitely one of the best and that is combined with that intimate vibe. Expect a stricter door policy and always check the event's description to know what you're walking into.


What: An outdoors techno festival Where: Koningin Wilhelminaweg 517, 3737 BG -

Google Maps When: 1 day a year, during Spring (in 2019 on the 18th of May) How:
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Utrecht's most well-known electronic music festival, Soenda is definitely one of the best in the country. Its visitors are not only the locals but include people from all over the country and even its fair share of international people. Its strong line up of world-class artists in the electronic music genre helped build its reputation for one of the most solid festivals around.


What: Techno festival on a lake Where: Strijkviertel, Utrecht -

Google Maps When: 1 day a year, in the late Spring (in 2019 on the 22nd of June) How:
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With its six stages, lake, beach and good atmosphere, Verknipt is also one of our recommendations. The line-up maybe doesn't have the big names that make Soenda shine but its setting and broader music diversity really add-up to a solid festival day.

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