Skipping Class: Utrecht's Best Student Bars and Clubs

Not only does it have a world-famous university, Utrecht's has also a world-class student life. Bars, clubs, fraternity's, Utrecht has all that your earning student heart could desire. All in all you're probably not that picky and the only 2 questions you have are: where does the party go on all week round? And where will it cost me the least money? We're here to help.

These are NightGuide's essentials to Utrecht's student bars and clubs


What? Utrecht's quintessential frat club, biggest student club in the country When should I go there? Thursdays Agenda?

Events at the Woolloomoloo

The Woo on a busy night

Any decent guide to Utrecht's student life, has to mention the The Woo. The club is owned by the

Utrechtsch Studenten Corps, the city's largest student association. It hosts the equivalent of a frat party 5 days a week. If you are not a member of USC, our recommendation is that you go there on Thursdays for Dolle Donderdag. Thursdays have more of an open student party focus and not so much the members-only vibe some of the other days can have. It is mandatory to bring your university student card to get in.

Cambridge bar

What? A student bar run by students When should I go there? They have a great Karaoke night on Fridays! Agenda?

Click here for Cambridge bar's agenda

Cambridge Bar full of students

Self-styled "the living room of the Uithof", Cambridge bar is a cosy, yet lively, Student bar in the Uithof. It's run by a team of volunteer students which not only adds to the atmosphere but also makes sure it remains one of the cheapest beers in Utrecht. They also serve good craft beer and great cocktails, which makes them a solid choice for any kind of night out. They also host parties, but check their agenda before going!


What? A club, focused on good music When should I go there? Check their agenda! Agenda?

Click here for WAS.'s program

The atmosphere at WAS.

Not your average student bar, but definitely a NightGuide recommendation for a different night, WAS. doesn's disappoint. It attracts a younger crowd, including students and it's know for being LGBTQ-friendly (they host a great party with Pride Utrecht!). It is however, an event-based club, meaning you can't  have it as your reliable neighborhood pub for every night out. They have their agenda on their website and you can always

get tickets voor WAS. here.

Café Otje

What? Your typical party café When should I go there? Whenever, Otje is always there for you Agenda? Not the kind of place that needs one

Local students know Otje to always be a reliable party on those looser nights

Your typical Dutch party café, Otje is open 7 nights a week, till 4AM. Mostly filled with locals, especially the younger student crowd, in ensures a  lively night. The beer is cheap, the Top40 hits loud, and everyone lets it all go.

Feestcafé De Kneus

What? Party Café, half club, half bar When should I go there? Wednesday to Saturday, midnight to 5AM Agenda? Again, not the kind of place that needs one

Party at De Kneus

Recognizable for its line outside on its most popular nights, FeestCafé de Kneus holds no punches. It is definitely one of the most casual nights in Utrecht that go on until late, and it doesn't disappoint. Like Otje, De Kneus attracts mostly students from the local University to a party that's not complicated or fancy, just good old no-strings-attached fun.

Club Poema

What? One of Utrecht's best clubs When should I go there? If you're an international student - Tuesday nights are the time to be there Agenda? Check

Poema's facebook for all the latest events

Good vibes at Poema

Poema is a bona fide Utrecht club with what probably is the city's most diverse agenda. If you're an international student you should definitely check out the ESN student night which is at Poema every Tuesday. Remember to bring your student card and you can even drink on the cheap. If you're not a student check out any other their other nights, the vibe is different every day and that makes Club Poema one of the best in Utrecht.

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