*VERPLAATST* Donderslag: Een schokkend begin

*VERPLAATST* Donderslag: Een schokkend begin

Thu, 16 Jan 10:00 PM - 3:00 AM


Als donderslag bij heldere hemel is hier de nieuwe Drum-‘n-Bass-avond in Utrecht: Donderslag!

Flitsende DJ’s schokken je trommelvliezen met bliksemsnelle beats en donderende drops. Deze avond slaat in als de bliksemschicht en zal nog lang naschokken. Dus wees er als de donder bij en mis geen seconde van ons aanstormend talent.

Flashy DJ's will shock your eardrums with lightning fast beats and thundering drops! This evening will hit like a thunderstrike so dont miss a second and come party the night away with us!

Bring Cash for your drinks!!! No pin in the ACU



You take a big bowl of drums.

Start by adding two pounds of bass as the basic layer. You roll some rollers into the mix, spice it with four teaspoons of jungle (six if you want to go for a more exotic taste) and add a pint of liquid. Start mixing.

Sweeten it with an ounce of dancefloor and give it some punch with a tablespoon of jump-up. If you want to go for the spicy version, add two ounces of neurofunk. Are you truly heat resistant? Consider adding a pinch of crossbreed.

To create an extra layer, add one sheet of half-time, or if you feel adventurous, dubstep. Sprinkle it with some vocals (singing, samples and MC’s). Mix it for one hour, and there you have it; a set from Spendit.

Have a taste at: https://www.mixcloud.com/nick-weijers/the-wired/


From deep liquid vibes to funky halftime to the heftiest neurofunk with a little dubstep in between, you never know where the set will go! One thing's for sure though, you're in for a great time with Wavefunk behind the decks. Shouts to the Subverse massive en TVGF crew!



DJ Cleaner Shrimp aka Poetsgarnaal

Get those feat on the dancefloor and sing along the happiest DNB the genre has to offer. Expect a lot of vocals, melodies and enought kickdrum to fill up a bucket. All of this while you feel as though you are in an ocean for as your mother always told you: Make sure you clean your room!

Artists that will definitely come by: Metrik, Dimension, etc.